Razer Hydra support


Hi All,

We are doing some cleanup on our plugins and wanted to see who is using the Razer Hydra https://www.amazon.com/Razer-Gaming-Sensing-Controllers-RZ06-00630100-R3U1/dp/B007BYWJAC . It is no longer generally available from the supplier.

Let us know if you are still using them



Note: we’re not planning on removing support for the Hydra completely from the code base, but since they are rare, we are considering removing them from the default installer.

If you’re actively using them for your hand controllers, let us know so we can better understand the importance of giving an alternative installation approach for that hand controller support.


Smokey and I both have them what I like about them is I can use them without having to wear the rift.
If you guys could let me use the touch controllers independently of the rift then I would happily bin them


I also use hydra without rift