Re: Nefertari's Tomb - Memory buttons


While taking a look at the tomb’s area, I noticed these two buttons:

This is a VERY bad idea! The set memory to max button sets it to 8GB with no regard to how much memory is actually on your GPU! Considering my GTX 980 Ti only has 6GB, this could have caused some problems that would result in me being very confused on why I keep crashing.

This is only more of a push for better zone controls like loading objects when nearing or in a zone.


When I was testing using overlays to see if that could work in the place of LOD. It seemed to work excellently. My last script it grabbed the model URL out of the user data. Now that they’re making it so the entities can be set told me be seen by the avatar. This will hopefully add the ability to add collision and all those kind of things. On exporting an entity it looks like they have already added those attributes. Can’t wait until they have all this in so I can test it with the new entities system.


Also… I just noticed: almost all the non IRL tickets seem sold out. I know that’s EventBrite’s problem, but that’s a bit misleading when it says there’s availability when there really isn’t.