Re Texture Amber Tutorial


I made a little tutorial on re-texturing amber.
To do this you need Photoshop.
First down load and unzip the above file. and unzip it on your desktop.

Keep all the files in this folder.

When you make a new texture save it as the same name “ourtfit2_01.jpg”  don’t make it bigger than 2048

Included photoshop amber texture I labelled all the parts to make it a bit easier

What to do
open the photoshop file in photoshop

if u place a image over the yellow trousers part  flowers or whatever then save out the new image (turn off the uv layer or you  will have the polygons showing)
then in HF

file- upload skeleton model look for amber standing mixamo.fbx

name change the name to yournametest dont type yourname test type elvistest or whatever,

texture directory needs to be the folder with all this stuff in it so in this case "amber avatar"point it at the folder.
the rest we can ignore.
click ok
and it should go therough some upload gubbins and with a bit of luck should go ur avatar is avalable to wear

then go to
edit preferances-body- find ur body. I dont know what u called it ¬.¬ if i see one called yournametest I shall be VERY ANGRY :smiley:

if you have any problems Just blame Thoys




Great job - followed this and everything worked a treat - only thing this post doesnt mention is that you may need to use Preferences to re-size your avatar after you upload - i ended up with a massive head and tiny body but soon fixed that once Judas explained how - now to start having fun pimping my av!!


I did it wrong I think she now has a terrifying flap of skin down her back and a massive head.


I’ve been playing around with the Ron avatar.figuring out all the various parts. When I get done, I should do the same thing with that. Nice job on the Amber avatar.