Re: Townhall Meeting - 12/20/2018


So in regards to the town hall meeting:

  • After replaying the video on Youtube, I was able to get caught up on what I missed earlier regarding Overlay -> Entities. My only concern is that there needs to be an actual grace period of giving it a try (opt in) since the last time a massive change from one system to another (cough cough Avatar Attachments wheeze) did not go well.

  • In addition, I noticed audio for some people, in general, was not very good, including myself. It is not our bandwidth because as I posted immediately on telegram, my connection was more than fine. Perhaps it’s a limitation when reverb is being applied to everyone and is extra taxing on the audio mixer?

  • Will all ‘local entities’ inherit similar properties? For example, Image3D overlays can have the emit property, but no other overlay type can have it. Will this be migrated for all new entity/overlay properties, so that every entity/overlay can also have this property?

  • Because local entities, I’m assuming, would be addressable like normal entities, this means they will have a UUID. Is there plan to prevent conflicts from server object UUIDs (as much as the possibility is very tiny but still possible)?

  • A major concern with moving things to entities is that the filter system at the moment has created cases where avatar entities end up not being made and result in wardrobe malfunctions. Will local entities be subjected to filters and if so, how are future events going to manage them (because for VR users, that will suck if the domain won’t let them make a tablet to access the menu)?

I have other concerns, but these are the primary ones that come to mind.