Really missing private zone


It’s a bit annoying, working on something that i like to keep a bit back until it’s finished. But to do that you need to lock the whole domain. And not like that too.

It woudl be nice to have a privacy zone. so you can assign some space on the domain that is looked for everybody expcept the users on the access list. it also not let you look inside the privacy zone.

That way i can keep the domain open, and still have a private sandbox.


Hopefully such ‘safe places’ will be a basic and standard feature. Otherwise I will have to implement my pay-by-the-hour motel as a separate domain ‘included’ in an open domain.


I imagine you could implement that as an entity script on the zone. Anyone not on a specific list would be instantly teleported to a specific location as soon as they enter the zone.


Just touching on this momentarily; with a sessionID being the only cross reference bit of information about a specific user that we have; does your recommendation mandate the use of a DisplayName equal to what could be found on the user list? I am to understand session ID changes (for each session similar to web session cookie etc.)

I ask, because your suggestion is essentially exactly what I need to do, but I don’t know what part of an OAuth or Avatar root object has a permanent cross-domain variable. I think this was what some of the other users were also asking about. This would be useful for scripts as well as other person to person interactions.

Can your solution be integrated using some form of authentication to guarantee a user is who they “claim” to be? Clearly we know that the Console has the ability to “lock out” a user based on core root data unique to the user (OAuth or something within HiFi account) and that is used on the Console settings as opposed to DisplayName (i think) because regardless of DisplayName used, you can still grant access at a root level.

Without digging directly into non compiled (read: in way over my head) server code, is there a means of pulling this off in Javascript?


I can think of an assigment client that monitors a zone.

If user enters that zone, forcefully push out, or if deep enough, teleport.

If that doesnt work, force user to have a script that self polices. Check if script is active, other wise force it again. If doesnt exist after 3 tries, kick.

Unfortunately, cannot track camera, and i do not see how to do verification of identity


Private zone there’s only 5 people in hf and none of them will cyber, I asked


You could combinae privacy zone with parcel zone. The are pretty tied togheter and parcels are needed ina domain. otherwise i do not see how many people can build in one domain without explosief amount of drama because people can mess with objects from others.