Recodeart - Conservation of Digital Art


Recoding and conservation of Digital Art is one of my core targets. All my developements are set on MIT/open licence.

Someone interested to cooperate?
Also interested to develop a RP sim based on the stories I write in rezmagazine? - The endless life in the simulator.

I have tons of links and papers on this. Let me copy just the actual event I will hold on stage in May, 30, 2015 at LPM Rome and one of my older papers where some backlinks as credits are listed

short vita at

I am Art Blue in SL [ actually I have a LEA grant there at LEA14 ] and Art Blue in some metaverses (Metropolis, Francogrid, Craft, inworldz)


The presentation of digital art in a virtual gallery environment should be very compelling here.

You have the concepts of external linking to content to dynamically display.
Integration of very powerful indexing and curation features for this sort of task would take it to the next level.

That’s considering a repository design, without getting into exhibits.
I might have some time for code development if you are interested in that.