Record.js bug... pre post rotation gubbins


I was just trying to make a recording using record.js and well hit on a problem.
Using a mixamo fuse rig avatar, Recording using faceshift and the hydras.
When I play the recording back the avatar folds up like happens if the avatar was made in blender.
So I repeated the recording this time I loaded @davedub 's walk js and used the pre post setting (which on a none blender avatar folds it up like it was before i made the recording.
This recording played back unfolded with weird arms.

But getting to the point it seems to indicate that the pre-post rotation thing that Blender users have is maybe reversed with the record js
I then tried my 2 part judas avatar which use to work with record , that gets thrown on its back on playback


Do you think this is an older issue or something possibly introduced by the recent animation changes?

I’m starting to think the typically-orthogonal avatar folding is a symptom of how implicit rotations are being handled – like in Blender for example you can have a vanilla three-bone T armature with zeros across the board (ie: no rotations and no bone rolls), but ultimately a +/- 90 implicit rotation makes it way downstream for the arms related to the spine.


There is certainly some weirdness with how pre-rotations are applied. This is my two pennies worth on the subject from before the recent updates:

Am taking a step back from animation for a while, see what settles out of the new animation stuff - if the devs are going the pre-canned / keyframed animation route only, I will continue with my procedural solution that converts keyframe data to something that can be animated in a procedural way - i.e. accurate control over timing, easy blending, no interpolation errors, smooth loops, small file sizes, easy modification of mood / gait / avatar shape fitting.

@howard.stearns, @leviathan - If there is any sort of roadmap for character animation, no matter how rough and subject to change, it would be great to get some details!


@Judas I wrote the record feature a while back as a proof of concept and it hasn’t really been maintained since then.
AFAIK we definitely want that feature in the final set, but we’ve been focussing more on deep architectural improvement/refactor lately and recordings got left on the side.
I’m guessing it might have been broken by the new animation stuff, but it might be older than that.
I have to fly back to France today, and I’m on vacation next week, but I’ll try to take a look and figure out what’s wrong. No promises though.


No rush. its a cool script tho, worth saving. I kinda think it broke with the animation stuff also.

We’re here to go this broke and that broke lol