Record.js Multitracking


I was thinking about what id like to experience wearing a VR Headet.

I decided theater I’m thinking

We can so nearly do this already using record.js, which I think is a revolutionary thing we milk for all its worth

What it cant do is record multiple people. To do a play or performance we would need to be able for multiple people to all record their performance and then have a way to play them back in a synchronized way.

Is that possible is it worth putting up on worklist?

I just think being able to walk in amongst the characters would be a beautiful vr experience


I’ve thought that recording was one of the top features of HiFi since I first saw it and I don’t think syncing it would be a major issue. I suspect that recording the lines/parts in smaller segments would be easier to do and would allow people who are not at the same place and time to produce something good. After all, movies and TV are not recorded live much anymore.

I want to try some things in this area but, I was hoping, for awhile now, that things would get more stable before I spent a lot of effort on something.

I’ve also felt that an internal or external editor for recordings would be a useful tool. If for nothing else, to adjust volume level and crop sequence timing etc.