Recording.. where is it saved?


Anyone can tell me where the recording (from the App) are saved?


Record.js saved them as proprietary high fidelity recording (.hfr) files on your domain server.


yes… but where exactly? I did’t find them.


In your Interface log file you’ll find a couple of lines detailing the mapping of the recording just made:

[09/29 09:39:42] [DEBUG] [hifi.scriptengine.script] RECORD: Recording saved to Asset Server as atp:6e1a8584d627ff2fce9caf22fe6e0a0f082efc37c77164579ff4db9fa3a10b4f
[09/29 09:39:42] [DEBUG] [hifi.scriptengine.script] RECORD: Recording mapped to /recordings/20170928-203942.hfr