Recordings for @Chris


Here’s some recordings I made

notices a problem when showing someone, in a different domain. When you press play it takes you to the coordinates you were stood originally , whilst remaining in the new domain


LOL, that is so cool… it’s like being possessed by the soul of the user who created the recording. Also reminds me of Lt Commander Data from Star Trek:TNG … who had the ability to mimic the voice of anyone he’s heard speak.


did a few more


I got a leap of ebay £30 yay so I was doing a few more

sorry @ctrlaltdavid for using your great work in this way i can only apologize


@judas these are great. How do you find using the Leap?


Setup was nice and easy.Its better than I expected it to be. I like that you don’t have to be holding it for it to work.
I find its response a bit glitchy as you can see in the video it jumps outta whack here and there.wonders if the capure could be damped somehow…
I’m deeply disappointed that i don’t seem to be-able to use it to give the finger. Maybe we should put up a work list item for this increased functionality.


@judas , good feedback. I also bring up the Leap Visualizer to train myself where the best places to put your hand are.

We now have @ctrlaltdavid , @thoys and you ready for a sudden death Paper, Scissors and Rock showdown.


in the uk we don’t have that game, we play cat, glass, pudding
its largely similar
The rules are quite simple, namely that cat breaks glass, glass spoils pudding, and pudding drowns cat
it can be played over voice