rectangle3d drawing problem


If you have use two rectangle3d overlays in a script, sometime the first takes on the dimensions of the second.

See the following script:


Hi @ctrlaltdavid this should fix it:


Yes, it’s fixed in Windows 1945.

However, line3d and text3d background rendering seem to be broken: run vrChat.js by itself (no other scripts running; start up with no scripts running) and see how it’s meant to look. … Then run vrChat.js with default scripts, and the line and the background for the text input pane don’t display. (You may need to restart Interface and/or reload-all-scripts to see this effect.) @chris


I have passed this onto @sethalves . Thanks @ctrlaltdavid


I think I see how to fix these two problems. Where can I find a copy of vrChat.js?


Open the script editor in interface.exe and save the script from there to your local disk.


@sethalves See


Would you be able to try out and let me know if it helps?


@sethalves Yes, it looks good now. Thanks!