Redirect address for Domains


I have successfully created a domain that others can visit within hifi. I objtained a proper domain name that I want to link to my hifi domain, rather than having to type in the numerical address to go there within hifi.

The name of the domain is My IP address that currently works is On my webhost I am trying to redirect to within hifi. I have tried a couple of formats that don’t seem to work for me. I think the problem is that I need the correct syntax for the redirect link. Here is what does NOT work so far:

What do I need to use?


I think you can use this in the “Go to location”@ if that is what you are asking @Vivienne

hifi:// (but this does not work for me on a test just now)
hifi:// (this works)

or you can add a location and rotation afterwards…

hifi://,1,10/0,0,0 for example


I will say that your domain resolves to another IP which means that I assume you MAY be wanting to setup an alternate DNS record. Since you use a hosting company (I checked, then you need to use their interface to add an A record for your domain, such as to

You can verify domain dns info with dnsstuff lookup

Here are instructions for how to add/alter DNS records for blue host


Thanks coal… directions for goDaddy would be nice… I tried by setting up two hostnames ( and, referencing my ip address, and then plugged those into the nameserver manager, but that didn’t seem to work. At the moment, getting to my server via my IP address isn’t working, although it was 2 days ago, so right now I need to get that fixed. I can get to my server via localhost at the moment though.


Sure thing, for GoDaddy you just follow the instructions here: godaddy dns management

I direct linked to info for how to add an A record.

Now if you want to run your own (free) dns for a domain, then I suggest 100% the service I use for all of my domains. Hurricane Electric is most known for their IPv6 tunnels but they have a great dns service. The link for their free dns service is here.

If you want info for setting that up let me know but if you want to use godaddy to manage your domain’s dns, never change away from their DNS servers.

I pulled up your domain and it shows this.

I think you need to point it back to godaddy because using the command dig (pulls dns info) it shows you are not resolving (AT ALL):

mac:~ user$ dig
; <<>> DiG 9.8.3-P1 <<>>
;; global options: +cmd
;; connection timed out; no servers could be reached


Coal, you’re more like a diamond… thanks for the great info for me and any other goDaddy users out there. Thanks for the quick and detailed help


You are welcome and I am very glad to help!