"Refusing connection from node at" ... What is this?


I found this in my domain server log at startup. What is this?

[DEBUG] [09/19 11:54:58] Refusing connection from node at
[DEBUG] [09/19 11:54:59] No match for assignment deployed with “0c8ca831-b89c-4cff-925d-e16760321138”
[DEBUG] [09/19 11:54:59] Refusing connection from node at
[DEBUG] [09/19 11:55:00] No match for assignment deployed with “0c8ca831-b89c-4cff-925d-e16760321138”
[DEBUG] [09/19 11:55:00] Refusing connection from node at
[DEBUG] [09/19 11:55:01] No match for assignment deployed with “0c8ca831-b89c-4cff-925d-e16760321138”
[DEBUG] [09/19 11:55:01] Refusing connection from node at
[DEBUG] [09/19 11:55:02] No match for assignment deployed with “0c8ca831-b89c-4cff-925d-e16760321138”
[DEBUG] [09/19 11:55:02] Refusing connection from node at
[DEBUG] [09/19 11:55:03] Unable to fulfill assignment request of type 7 from



Forgive me if you are already fluent with ip configs, etc. Outside of debugging, this is what I came up with.


Lol, I know what localhost is. I just want to know why my domain server is trying to connect with itself on port 42373. This is running on a remote ubuntu VPS. Is this a problem or business as usual?


Judging by the complexity of some of your posts; I kinda figured you did. :smile: anyway, good luck with that.


That usually indicates you have an excess of ACs running for DS’s need. Since it’s on localhost it’s, obviously, originating on your droplet.


Ahh that makes sense. Maybe one didn’t die when I killed the process last. Thanks OH.


Hrmm well when I run AC it executes 5 copies of it. It looks like all 5 are refused. Is it important they be allowed to connect?


Well, the key is to look at your web based DS controller whatever_ip:40100 and see if you have 3 (or maybe 4 if using ATP) processes showing as being served. I’m not sure how you’re starting ACs - I don’t use the spool up X ACs with Y spares command line option, instead, I spool up what I need with types set as in assignment-client -t 0 (audio) -t 1 (avatar mixer) -t 3 (ATP) -t 6 entity – there’s nothing better about that way - it’s just my old habits. If I ran any entity scripts needing server side I’d add a few spare script executors. Maybe that’ll help some in sorting out why you have some excess.


I just start up AC with no command line arguments. DS shows audio, entity and avatar nodes active, nothing else. I am not serving any DS scripts (yet). Well I guess I will figure it out eventually if I find something not working correctly.