Regarding the Recent Survey


In the recent email just sent 11 hours ago, it has a survey. In this survey, it asks some usual questions, but on the second part, it immediately starts asking questions like I’m at a job interview or giving a Glassdoor review. I selected I was interested in High Fidelity for personal use, not because of company interest.

I’m all for giving input, but not my life story or information about my employer.

Link for those who didn’t check their email:


I never received the email. Also I never received my reward after registering for a previous load test. My profile is up to date.


Watch in your spam…


Lucky me mabye i cold only fill ‘not available’ at the job part. But yes the questions where a bit uhmm, lets say upsetti g. It’s for personal use.


Do I have the job? :wink:

Just kidding, but I found a bug in the survey:

In the income multiple choice „$50,000 to 74,999“ is missing while „$35,000 to 49,999“ appears twice.


I concur, the survey was really poorly done…

I’m happy to contribute to High Fidelity understanding their current user base, but a lot of those questions were either wishy washy to the point they’re going to collect no usable data, or irrelevant…

I hope this was put together by a well meaning student intern who can use this as a learning experience?