Registration offset not working for rotation


Setting the Z registration to 1 has shifted the model within the bounding box as you see in the pic, but the rotation of this door is still from the center of the door and it should be at the edge, I would have expected the registration to shift the pivot point, does anyone else see this?


Just tried my door script, thats still working with rotation.
But did this on sandbox and lots of other weird things happen.
like the door get double placed etc. Maby i have the wrong script picked.

At least rotation works.


Well with mesh, one trick I’ve used when forced to…

Make the mesh exactly 2x width split down middle. No faces or alpha texture for 1/2. Then door swings about the center axis giving what amounts to the old path cut prim doors in SL.


@Adrian Yes, this is a problem with the tool - right now it doesn’t take the registration point into account. This is something I will look into fixing this week. Thanks for bringing this up!


@OmegaHeron WShere not in SL. High Fidelity have a betetr way to make a doro. see my door script. you can move the pivot point. Butt like @huffman is saying is broken in the editor, works fine by script.


Yes @Richardus, but when something doesn’t work - rather than wait for it to maybe eventually be fixed and be frustrated one could use temporary work-arounds. I’m well aware I’m not in SL every moment I’m here.


Sofar i know your workaround dont work in High Fidelity.


Should rapidly become a non issue - I think I just saw the commit to fix the issue in edit entities roll by so it should appear soon.

Also it does work if you create a correct mesh geometry - using it already as it’s a useful technique for complex joined meshes where the visual offset doesn’t match the mathematical offset and you don’t want to spend time working out non-trivial offsets.

Of course, if we had a general purpose rig for models this would all become even more simple. But that’s pretty advanced modeling realm. Sure makes doing interacting pieces easier though and doesn’t depend upon variant scripting methodologies.


@huffman this is interesting, a little more info after further testing, look at the 10 second gif
I dont know if something has been fixed but its almost right now, just a small bug…

I have the registration Z set to 1, then I set the angular velocity to 50 Y and the damping to 0

in the first couple of seconds I drag the door around by the Y rotate widget and it spins on its own center,
but then I let go and the angular velocity kicks in and it spins on the offset registration correctly.
It also rotates correctly according to the registration point by way of modifying the Properties/Rotation/Y

So the issue is limited to manual rotation by the widget.

One more small thing, on the new entities Tools Properties window, the angular velocity is ordered as Pitch Roll Yaw, and in all other cases I have seen they are ordered as Pitch Yaw Roll, this was a little confusing at first as I settled into Pitch Yaw Roll mindset.


@Adrian There should be a fix for the stretch handles + selection box locations today. Regarding the issue with rotating relative to the registration point, I’m not sure what the right way to handle this visually is, mainly because the rotation handles are centered around the center of the entity. I’ll be playing around with it today to see if I can come up with a good solution.


@Adrian Should be fixed now. Please let me know how that works for you!


@huffman yes that seems to be working nicely now :smile: