Reinstate "reload" button beside the script URL in entities editor


There used to be one but it was replaced by another way of reloading the various URLs in entities editor (appending “?” or something along those lines to he URL). However, this other method was subsequently removed without reinstating the original reload button for entity scripts.

The Interface functionality to support an entity scripts reload button still appears to be there: you can test by using the reload button that’s in my entities editor to confirm.

Note: Interface appears to automatically reload file:/// scripts on the fly, but a “reload” button is needed to reload http:// scripts.


Yes we really need this, a way to ensure that were looking at the mode/script from the server not the cache. because it make my brain explode

we use to be able to do the

but then that only worked randomly


With the change you trigger still a version from cache !


exactly it dosen’t work


My proposal is to reinstate - in the “official” editor - just the single reload button that used to be available for the entities script URL. The special Interface handling for this particular entity property still appears to be available and working, at least for me. And it should be relatively straightforward to reimplement. … This is people would find it useful. (Or they can just use my entities editor, of course, which still has this reload button.)

Reload buttons should of course be provided for all URLs. There was some talk about doing this when the “?..” reload buttons by all the URLs were removed, but this seems to have fallen by the wayside.


… I have to disable that automatic reload behavior locally (at the C++ level) because it makes it virtually impossible for me to iterate on scripts beyond the single Entity use case.

What I would rather see is a 100% deterministic way to reapply a URL globally – to all Entities using that URL, regardless of the URL’s scheme and ideally for any Entity property that constitutes a fetched URL (script, modelURL, compoundShapeURL, etc.)

Maybe the ResourceCache API could be extended to cover the Script case? Like add a ScriptCache.* global similar in spirit to ModelCache and TextureCache?

Also as a way to stay sane when iterating – like to know whether you are staring at your “last save” or a previous one – how about a simple zero-based i++ counter displayed (for each URL property) on top of Entities? (nothing too fancy – something similar to those “highlight simulation ownership” colored metafloaties maybe)


I see, that’s a good point if you not use ?v= in the url. So disable auto reload, would be good idea. and just add manual reload button for url’s would make things more logic.

Besides a global update would be usefull to.


If they implement some sort of global change-out-the-URL thingy, there also needs to be a way to make sure malware can’t sneak in and change it across the board without you noticing, or that some hacker can’t come in and change it without your knowledge.


Just to clarify – was not proposing any changes to URLs as part of globally reapplying a particular one.

More like a way to express: “Dear System – For all known Entities using this script URL, please re-fetch the exact same URL again and ensure all such Entities are updated to use the latest content. Thanks! --Script/Reload Button”


Ah, gotcha. :smiley: