Reload all scripts is crashing interface.exe


Interface.exe is crashing almost everytime when i try to reload all script 2 times with some delay between it.

  1. start interface.exe with only default script running.
  2. open running scripts
  3. press reload all
  4. wait a bit.
    5 press reload all again.

95% of the times interface.exe is crashing on my windows 7 - 64bit system. this is with build 2240


Call stack as at Windows build 2244 …

interface.exe!ScriptEngine::runningStateChanged() Line 422	C++
interface.exe!Application::stopAllScripts(bool restart) Line 3879	C++
interface.exe!Application::reloadAllScripts() Line 3904	C++


@Richardus.Raymaker thanks for finding this. I have put it into our system