"Reload all" scripts should refresh from source, ignoring cached copies



  • A user has your script loaded from http://whatever
  • You update your script on the server at http://whatever
  • User does File > Running Scripts > Reload all

Current result: A user just “reloads” the old version from their cache

Desired result: A user loads the new version from http://whatever


Compleet agree @ctrlaltdavid That’s some behavior i have notioced the last days to, reload dont reload your changed script but seems to keep using the old one.

To stack everything about this togheter.

Also noticed this, https://alphas.highfidelity.io/t/reload-all-scripts-is-crashing-interface-exe/4747

And like to see this, https://worklist.net/20448


@Richardus.Raymaker Re #20448, when I’m working on a script, I edit it in Visual Studio and have it open in the Interface script editor at the same time, with “Automatically load externally changed files” enabled and perhaps the “Run on the fly” option (depending on whether I want to manually stop and start after each edit or not). Seems to work pretty well.