Relocated public S3 bucket


Hi all,

We’ve experienced performance issues with the highfidelity-public bucket pinpointed to the region where it lived. All assets have been moved over to a new bucket named hifi-public. already points to this new bucket and you can also reach it directly at

If you run into issues with scripts or uploads, please make sure you’re running the latest release and also using the latest scripts, since all of the ones that download assets off S3 I’ve modified to use the new bucket.

The old bucket still exists but is not accesible, if you find stuff missing or run into any problems please let me know.


Was their a hole in your old bucket?

Starting the windows stack manager can it turn on with all the assignments running and then the user can stop any they don’t want? rather than starting with everything off
Yes I’m really that lazy :slight_smile:


I get assignment clients crashing on stopping every one (or most of?) the services in the stack manager still. Been like that a few weeks now on Windows.


Still getting errors with scripts sometimes when im starting a new interface.exe , most seems to happen with update.

This with build 1241


@Richardus . I am not sure how those scripts are being loaded. If you remove all the default script, then reload defaultscripts what comes up?


@chris, no error, but the error not always happen. We keep eye on it.


@chris Just installed build 1260, and the errors appear again.

"Unable to load"
Afraid something is change in the code or the change with amazon give problems. but this problem started to appear after that change. besides scripts load slow, especialy EditVoxels.js is terrible slow now with starting.


Hi @Richardus can you send a screen shot of where it is showing it is trying to go to


That url is incorrect, theres an extra select/ in the url, should be:


Not sure why ure getting that url, if i look at defaultScripts select/ is not there, and also if I click a script directly from the running scripts listing it loads fine.



Also I am getting much better performance from this bucket — nevertheless, the actual goal is to go forth with cloudfront, which should be in place very soon, will keep you posted. I think bucket performance is very dependent on where the download is taking place from, an issue that would be eliminated by using cloudfront.



Next time i get the error, its not always. i post a screenshot of the error. did that the first time to but replaced it for text, maby made typo with that.


Ok, updated to 1270 and this errors appeared.

Second time, because 1271 where ready after i installed 1270 :open_mouth:
the error did not appear, its a bit random error…