Remember Webrings?


So I woke at 4 AM and I have to be on the train in two hours so I decided to check out the town hall meeting video and I’m delighted to learn HiFi are closing off their public spaces!

Because WEBRINGS!!!

I’ve had the idea to run a HiFi domain ring some time ago and now is the perfect time.

WTH are we talking about?!
If you’re to young or too old to remember, webrings are a system comprised of a series of sites, each one links to the next site in the series until it goes back to the first one.

They were very useful in the time before search engines, providing relevant, community curated content. They helped people find content while also driving traffic and cementing communities of content creators.

How exactly is this going to work in VR?
I’m not sure, we’ll have to figure this out.
But the basics are simple: each domain has a portal to the next domain and probably to the previous one as well as a sign with a list of the domains in the series.

Advantages and Caveats:

  • Improves “discovery” of content.
  • Drives traffic.
  • Makes you feel like you have actual neighbours.
  • Eats up bandwidth and brings in vagrants.
  • Requires maintaining a somewhat standardised portal area somewhere in your domain.

If you have a domain and would like to participate, speak up.
If you have suggestions, comments, criticism, speak up.


Interesting idea.

But one disadvantage I see: the rign offer no guarantee of content quality unless there is an approval system from its members (or at least a % of them) to accept new members.
It’s, by the way, one of the disadvantages of the current “Goto” directory: It exposes all the domains, even those where there is only the default floor with nothing on it, which is not very appealing for newbies.
I think the idea is to send people where they will find something they might be interested to talk about.

It could be tricky to put in place an approval system that is viable.
To avoid:

  • to have always the same judges
  • involving too many aprovers and get too heavy,
  • to get stuck.

But a ring can exist in parallel of other relationships systems. So I would be certainly interested to be part of this. (if I get approved :wink: )

That same ring could also appear under different formats:

  • A “Goto” Version of that ring. (with the number of people visible, that we can get from the current goto. (if there is truly a .json exposed somewhere)

  • Even possible a central hub. (if someone is ready to invest for a strong server)

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I have to rush out so quickly:

Regarding quality: free market. Either a ring is managed well by whatever system, or people bugger off and build their own ring with blackjack and hookers.

Regarding a central hub: actually I ran out of time I have to run.


That’s right…
A ring can be certified content
or uncertified and diluted content

Hifi’s goto can not be a Certified content directory, because they are selling place name, they can’t really say: “I get your 20 $ but we won’t put you in the directory.”

But we know what happen if the interesting stuff is among the crap… newbie see that crap and don’t comeback. And they repeat this to their friends and on the net.

Someone wanted a destination guide… that’s what certified content can do.

It has to be Community driven, and I think the message has been clear at the community meeting with the announcement of the closure of the Hifi’s owned domains, It’s on us to make this part working.

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As much as I enjoy debating the philosophical and political aspects of information technology, I think we should focus on the practical aspects first.

@Alezia.Kurdis do you have a domain you’d like to have as part of a ring?


We did used to have something like this…a magic bus that went from domain to domain. At that time, I believe, all the domains were HF domains, but this would be a good idea.

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I know abut the magic bus but IDK exactly how that worked.
Can you explain?
Was the Go To menu different back then?


The welcome wagon? Jeez, well since other people started talking about it, I guess I can break the ice.

The welcome wagon was a concept where a ‘ring’ of High Fidelity operated domains became the landing point for Welcome. When a new user came in, they would be sent to where ever the Welcome Wagon was parked. The idea was to show users the varying kinds of domains that can be created so the experience was more static and less constant.

The ring composed of Pumpkin, Cupcake, Mini Golf, Voxeltopia, Mexico, and Playa (not specifically in that order but I think I’m fairly close), which auto cycled the Welcome Wagon’s location every… 2 hours I think it was? Anyway, each domain had a portal to the next one in the ring and the one prior, so it was entirely possible to remain in the ring purely through the portals. In addition, whichever was the default landing point (aka where the Welcome Wagaon was) became the stationing point for greeters to help the new users coming in. In addition, things were often added to the Welcome Wagon itself, which some of these can be found in Body Mart as the various accessories you can equip to your avatar.

In fact, most of the information regarding the Welcome Wagon can still be read up on the blog and video:

So what happened? Well, long story short, it was viewed it was separating users when the wagon teleported to the next domain. This had the unintended effect of causing people to also realize how long they’ve been on and would cause them to leave (due to the consistent times). In addition, people had varying preferences towards what domains they liked, and while people COULD vouch to go to another domain, they often stayed where people were coming in (namely where the wagon and greeters were stationed).

The wagon’s quantum wheels were pulled out after about 6 months of operation, and everyone was sent to Start, which became the new, central landing point with 4 teleporters to common areas (Maker, Rust, Mexico, and Voxeltopia I think, though Mexico was replaced with NationalForest if I remember right). And, thusly, the ring was severed.

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I do have even 2 domains.
But I think we should talk more about “Locations” than “Domains”.

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It’s a great idea :+1:, count me in! It could be the golden bullet which could awake HiFi from its dormant state and unlock its true potential. In today’s world, one can easily be fooled by investing a lot of effort (time, resources and money) in creating a world where everything is accessible from anywhere, anytime, fast… but it is a flat world! Like the internet, the GoTo directory is a portal to a flat world with spaces mostly empty, doomed to be lost. What if it’s removed? Replaced with… nothing! No directory at all… just domains connected to each other on one big ring with an entry and exit portal in each to be unlocked only by experience. First curvature: giving a structure to a world which used to be flat. One can start sensing the tension it creates, like the string of an arch slowly being pulled. The start of a new dawn. What if TP could only happen to the previous or next domain once every 6 or 12 hours (an exception being that you can always TP to your own domain/s and from there, beside the 2 neighboring domains, TP back to the last domain you visited)? Another curvature in a world otherwise flat: spacetime becomes suddenly part of the HiFi experience. Let’s imagine how it would be… The weekly townhalls becoming a reward for those of us who will make it on time. Will they gather around a campfire the night before in front of HQ? Continue their journey together for a while or part ways after a farewell? Everyone on a long journey across Hifi shaping past, present and future of the world around them. Will they talk about places they have seen and how they can be reached? Organize their knowledge with maps, diaries, guides, and walkthroughs? Warn about extortionate fares for passing dangerous mountains, about unstable, chaotic sections of the ring, no man’s lands, and dead ends? Rave about beautiful landscapes, secret gardens, and passages? Start legends and myths? Tell stories of encounters with travellers, colonists, locals, migrants, refugees?.. Will there be a scoreboard of people with the highest count of domains and/or certified landmarks visited? This would be the third curvature: introducing a general quest/purpose of the HiFi experience. Some more technical thoughts how it could work: after a brief visit to Welcome newbies could choose where to start or be TPed to a random place. Domain owners could choose the spot on the ring they would wish for when they register (e.g. next to a friend’s domain). They could also choose from different types of entrance/exit portals on the MP and decide where to place them in their domain. For a domain to be online both entrance and exit portal must be rezzed. Portal locators and certified landmark signs could be made available on the MP for purchase. The ring would be dynamic and auto-arrange itself when domains are going offline or new ones are being added. If a domain goes temporary offline it should come back online in the same spot (section) as before. Such rules will be important to maintain the permanence/stability of the ring.

Point taken my suggestions are a bit drastic (limiting TP haha)… I am wondering though if the community can take on the project on its own (I guess it could) or if it needs also somehow the support by HiFi. The potential of the ring should not be discarded lightly :slight_smile: I would happily paricipate and contribute to make it reality in HiFi!

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Why not simply:
an exit door only, with the corresponding arrival point in the user data to specify where is the entrance. You need the physical thing only to leave.
By défaut, the arrival point would be empty, in that case, the portal would send a location in front of it as the arrival point.
So only one object, with an easy setup.

However, such system will minimally require a central point of communication to allow all this portal to find each other. Who would you trust to do that?

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I think this is not a good idea. People would want to explore and 6 to 12 hours would bog down the journey. :confused:

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Let me try to clarify… A portal can operate as an exit or entrance; as such they are the same physical object, they will just be connected to a different location outside the domain. From each domain you could travel the ring clock- or anti-clockwise hence the 2 physical doors. These portals should be open at all times: people can leave and enter a domain from both sides, as many times they want (without any time limit). Just as doors in RL :slight_smile: Two physical doors will remove the temptation for owners to block the exit only, for instance by putting a brickwall in front of it. If both doors operate as entry points why would someone want to block it?

The connections between portals would require a central webserver and a database where the portal locations and their status (online/offline) are stored. I think it could be done by someone in the community. There is no big risk of fraud or cheat as the portals can always be tested at anytime by anyone including their owners. Development can be done by someone in whom we trust and with the coding skills. Of course there will be the costs to run the server/database.

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The time limit was only meant for TPs as we know it today where we can TP anywhere, anytime. I agree, a time interval between such TPs of 6 or 12 hours is too harsch but maybe 3 or 1 hour. It’s up for debate but there needs to be an incentive to travel through the physical doors as in a flat world where TP as we know it exists there is no usage for physical portals. Why would someone look for them if they can teleport.

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So each door would register it’s presence each N time to the central.
A pairing would be done on the on the central each N time using the list of registered doors.
When you are using the door, it ask to the central for the paired url and then you get teleported.
Doors that doesn’t regrister their presence after N time get considered inactive and removed from the list to be paired.
What should we do if there is an impair number of doors ?

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the last door should connect with the first door on the ring, hence the idea of a closed circuit :slight_smile:

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also, if a domain has only 1 door online (or 3) it shouldn’t connect to the ring.

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Make sense the number of registered doors for a same domain must be pair otherwise they won’t be considered in the pairing and will be then inactives.
You can have 2 or 1000 if you want. but if you have 999, not any of the doors would works.

Such system can be quite autonomous. just to put a script in a box and your door exist.
But people could make it derail easily too.

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If we do a web-ring sort of thing, with a portal taking you to one domain, and then another portal next to that taking you to the next one on the list, there also needs to be a way to go to a central room or hall with portals to all the domains on the ring, too… if only because, without this, when a domain goes down, it breaks the connection to the next one after it.

That said, before this Domain Ring thing was mentioned, I was envisioning a sort of Hall Of Doors or Corridor of Doors kinda thing, with a bunch of curated portals to bazillions of domains to choose from. There was a place place like that in NeverEnding Story, and there was also something like that in the second Matrix movie.

Mind you, what I had in my head was that each Domain would have a portal kinda like the ones we had at The Spot, with an image of what would be seen at the other side of the portal, but there’d also be a sign or placard next to it describing what was at the location and why it was interesting.

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With such system you could build a place where you can place the number of door that you want (at the moment it is pair) and then act as a multiple crossroad.

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