Remember Webrings?


Why not simply:
an exit door only, with the corresponding arrival point in the user data to specify where is the entrance. You need the physical thing only to leave.
By défaut, the arrival point would be empty, in that case, the portal would send a location in front of it as the arrival point.
So only one object, with an easy setup.

However, such system will minimally require a central point of communication to allow all this portal to find each other. Who would you trust to do that?

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I think this is not a good idea. People would want to explore and 6 to 12 hours would bog down the journey. :confused:

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Let me try to clarify… A portal can operate as an exit or entrance; as such they are the same physical object, they will just be connected to a different location outside the domain. From each domain you could travel the ring clock- or anti-clockwise hence the 2 physical doors. These portals should be open at all times: people can leave and enter a domain from both sides, as many times they want (without any time limit). Just as doors in RL :slight_smile: Two physical doors will remove the temptation for owners to block the exit only, for instance by putting a brickwall in front of it. If both doors operate as entry points why would someone want to block it?

The connections between portals would require a central webserver and a database where the portal locations and their status (online/offline) are stored. I think it could be done by someone in the community. There is no big risk of fraud or cheat as the portals can always be tested at anytime by anyone including their owners. Development can be done by someone in whom we trust and with the coding skills. Of course there will be the costs to run the server/database.

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The time limit was only meant for TPs as we know it today where we can TP anywhere, anytime. I agree, a time interval between such TPs of 6 or 12 hours is too harsch but maybe 3 or 1 hour. It’s up for debate but there needs to be an incentive to travel through the physical doors as in a flat world where TP as we know it exists there is no usage for physical portals. Why would someone look for them if they can teleport.

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So each door would register it’s presence each N time to the central.
A pairing would be done on the on the central each N time using the list of registered doors.
When you are using the door, it ask to the central for the paired url and then you get teleported.
Doors that doesn’t regrister their presence after N time get considered inactive and removed from the list to be paired.
What should we do if there is an impair number of doors ?

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the last door should connect with the first door on the ring, hence the idea of a closed circuit :slight_smile:

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also, if a domain has only 1 door online (or 3) it shouldn’t connect to the ring.

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Make sense the number of registered doors for a same domain must be pair otherwise they won’t be considered in the pairing and will be then inactives.
You can have 2 or 1000 if you want. but if you have 999, not any of the doors would works.

Such system can be quite autonomous. just to put a script in a box and your door exist.
But people could make it derail easily too.

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If we do a web-ring sort of thing, with a portal taking you to one domain, and then another portal next to that taking you to the next one on the list, there also needs to be a way to go to a central room or hall with portals to all the domains on the ring, too… if only because, without this, when a domain goes down, it breaks the connection to the next one after it.

That said, before this Domain Ring thing was mentioned, I was envisioning a sort of Hall Of Doors or Corridor of Doors kinda thing, with a bunch of curated portals to bazillions of domains to choose from. There was a place place like that in NeverEnding Story, and there was also something like that in the second Matrix movie.

Mind you, what I had in my head was that each Domain would have a portal kinda like the ones we had at The Spot, with an image of what would be seen at the other side of the portal, but there’d also be a sign or placard next to it describing what was at the location and why it was interesting.

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With such system you could build a place where you can place the number of door that you want (at the moment it is pair) and then act as a multiple crossroad.

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If you have a domain and want to be part of VR webring (placering? spaceroute?) experiment, please tell me the name of your domains either here in in a PM.

To make things move faster, I’ll visit each domain and we’ll whip up a design for a door that doesn’t look awful and put these and see what happens.
If any of your want to volunteer to help make the door it would be fantastic.

There are some really interesting comments here but I want to focus on action.



Hi yossi,

My domain is hyperspace. I want to participate. I can design a portal. I will design something today or tommorow to have a starting point.



I have a domain that I am currently hosting on my home computer with not so great internet access. I will need to move my domain to Digital Ocean for better performance and to make my domain available 24/7. I will be happy to join the “Ring” once I make that change. I can design a portal… Are there desired dimensions or desired image size/format for a portal?

Can anyone tell me how to move my domain server from my computer to an external Digital Ocean account. I have an account with Digital Ocean that I currently host my avatar, my skybox and some other assets. ???

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It’s an experiment, so do what you like and we’ll see how it goes!



I made an attempt for a portal ring.

The thing is quite easy to setup:
You create a box the size of the door you want,

and you add this client script in it:


You can set that box invisible, and put it over a door/portal model of your choice.

This is just experimental for now. (Bugs are still possible.) But you can try it.

It works according the following rules:
1- You need to put a pair number of doors on you domain (if you setup an impair number of doors, they will be all ignored)
2- The ring get re-organized each 90 minutes. (as the stairs in Harry Potter)
3- Each door report to the central to get included. But if for any reason they don’t, they are excluded from the circle after 18h. However, they get automatically reactivated by the simple presence of some one on the domain. (within 90 minutes)
4- If a server goes down there is no fallback solution for now. The Teleportation will just fail. (but as said in point 3, a server that goes out would be excluded from the circle after 18h of inactivity.)

For now, If you want to make test and don’t want to wait 90 to see your portal added to the ring.
You can force to rebuild the ring by launching that page:
(which won’t be available in a final solution)

Ah… and no database involved for the moment.





Damn u called it on the black hole pic there …



They copied… …

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So it took me more than two days! :sweat_smile:
This is my take on teleporting in world and in VR

Even if you have no scripting knowledge you can setup a Teleport Hub

run this script from url:

it wil create a platform hub with 8 gates:

a client script will run that has 4 keyboard shortcuts:

You current position and orientation and domain will be saved to the clipboard.

When you stand close to one of the gates and press shift+3 the data from the clipboard will be copied in the gate creating a teleport. If the location is on the current domain the gate turns green showing the coordinates, if the domain is outbound it will turn blue and show the name of the domain to teleport to.

When you want to close the gate press shift 2 to reset and close the gate

Teleport directly to the local hub if you are lost or cannot find it.

-Every time you use the gate to travel somewhere a counter on the gate shows how many time the gate is used. If outbound people vistit your hub they can see which destinations are most popular.

-It would be nice to teleport to another domain to a simalr hub. You can make an agreement with the owner of the other domain to make a teleport back. You can jump from domain to domain this way.

-The setup is low poly but nothing stops you from creating your own hub with different graphics.

-The assets used can be freely used and adapted to your needs. The script is flexible and can spawn the amount of portals you want within a certain radius (this needs some knowledge of javascript)

-assets: (will be automatically loaded by spawner is handling entering) (model of the gate) (model of the platform) (client script handling the shortcuts will be automatically loaded)

Maybe the code is not optimal. I’m not a coder by trade. Improve it to your needs. and have fun with it!




Here’s a ring you can join: