Remote Desktop Connection in Hifi


Remote Desktop Connection
I want to share the easiest way to remote control or view your computer from High Fidelity, using a portable application called DoXM.


A remote control and remote scripting solution, built with .NET Core, Electron, and WebRTC.


Smooth remote desktop, remote scripting, and rich auto-complete to maximize your IT support efficiency.

Key Features

  • Fast remote control using WebRTC
  • Script interactively on one or more remote computers using Windows PowerShell, PowerShell Core, Bash, or CMD
  • All connections are encrypted by default

Download the application fom here:

Windows x64

Windows x32

Linux x64

Run the application. You will see this screen:


Press the Copy button to copy the invite link address.

Paste this link in a web entity URL address and controll your computer.
If you switch the view only button, you will allow only screen share.