Remove the backspace delete from the edit tools. (we have delete key !) and give better feedback what is selected


Yes, i go complain again about it, because it’s still not fixt.
The backspace key need to be removed from the edit build tools. Because what happens now , You want to delete let’s say the coordinates you selected all. So you press backspace. Very normal action.

What happens, OOPS for some reason the cube is selected and now my object got deleted instead of the numbers And there’s no feedback what window you have selected or when the object is selected/ so the mistake is very easy made.

It never where logic to use delete and it still is not logic. and also giv eside effect by delete entities you work on. Again there’s no good feedback what you have selected


Yeah, deleting of objects needs to be something where you have to make a special, dedicated action to invoke it… such as in SL where you right-click the object and then select Delete from the pie menu. Deleting of entities and objects needs to be something where you do it only from some kind of menu or other where you purposefully select the word Delete from an ordered list. Having it invokable from a simple, single key-press is a very, very bad idea.


Nooo. not a delete action by menu. that is much more annoying.

btw, in secondlife you delete the object by hitting , yup. ‘delete’ on the keyboard. and not backspace.


Seriously? oO I wasn’t aware that “feature” was there, and have NEVER used anything other than right-clicking and then selecting Delete from the pie menu. That is FAR more whoopsie-proof than using the Delete key. In any event, the point I was making was that the deletion of an object should always be done in a way that involves some sort of two or three step action, such as selecting a menu and then picking an option on that menu, never by any kind of single-key button-press. If it has to be a keyboard-press, make it be something like shift-delete or ctrl-delete or shift-alt-delete or some other key combination that CANNOT BE hit by accident.

If a destructive action, such as object deletion, can be invoked by a double-damned cat walking across your double-damned keyboard, you have a mutherfrakking problem!


Then your wish is already in high fidelity.

There’s a delete button in the enities edit. Sadly, yoiu can still delete very easy by accident with the backspace. and mabye the delete key works to. Not sure.


Well, at least on SL and the OpenSim if you delete an object, it goes to your trashcan folder and can be dragged back out. I wonder what the prospects are of having all deleted entetiies in HiFi go to something akin to a trashcan folder.


There’s undo key ctrl-z . that i forgot to use.


The trashcan is an inventory concept. In NathanWorld you would build an inventory manager and server to implement it. In RichardusWorld, he would build a new interface or edit script (and maintain it forever) removing backspace as delete. Such is the beauty of open source where standards are based on social Darwinism. :slight_smile:

But speaking of edit.js, @Richardus.Raymaker, have you checked @ctrlaltdavid’s entity editor? It’s better than the standard edit (see, a good example of beauty) and it might not have that behavior you do not like.


Yes i have ctrlaltdavid editor running again. so i now have 2 edit tools running. That reminds me to make comment on other topic.

Also i not going to modify at this point basic scripts. becasue the get overwritten and there to many changes. and it not helps if testers use modified basic scripts.


Well, not necessarily add a Trashcan, but there does need to be SOME kind of easy way to recover from a whoopsie like an accidental delete, or to make a whoopsie less probable at least. A trashcan would be ONE way, some sort of Undo feature might be another. On the other hand, some sort of “Are You Sure [yes] [no]” dialog might help at least. If someone doesn’t like that feature, it could presumably then be turned off.


Ah, so there IS an Undo then. Kewl. Is there also an alternate, menu-based way of invoking it, so those who are more menu-minded can find it easily? Always good to have multiple ways to get to an Undo.


@Richardus.Raymaker What @Balpien.Hammerer said, use CtrlAltDavid’s edit script.

It uses the standard time honored and respected normal way of deleting objects by using the … wait for it… the delete key not the backspace key???..
Thats right, Davids script does not delete your stuff unexpectedly when you are just trying to type.

Vote with your feet, if hifi’s edit script doesnt perform satisfactorily, then sack it.
This is the very reason David wrote this script, to give us a useable tool where others haven’t.
Also David responds to requests for features and improvements.

Run davids script and kill the Hifi one and you will never look back.

replace this unworkable ridiculousness

for this nice friendly tool

I got sick of complaining about it and not knowing if anything was being done so I gave up trying. Move on and improve your life.

You dont have to modify the defaults scripts, just run the script and it will start auto everytime you log on. The only time you need to reload it is with a INI delete or some crash. I have to reload it about once a month.


I just have a version of defaultScripts.js that I host on S3. It has CAD’s edit.js and inspect.js also modified others. I rarely have to update it.

It does kind of suck that sometimes things change here without script testable warning. It would be nice to have a way to know when a default script is obsolete or has been replaced in some way.


Exactly. . . . . . .


High Fidelity crazyness. users need to run two edit scripts at the same time. But that is the only solution. I need to ipdate me own defaultscript.

Brw, already running ctrlaltdavid script again. in desktop mode. In the vive your stuck with the other one.


Is that only because @ctrlaltdavid has not had the chance to fully implement CAedit in HMD mode?


One of the things. ctrlaltdavid window you not see in HMD.
and you still need i think the orginal edit to pack models as example. SO you keep disable and enable edit scripts.


Heya – I opened a PR that removes Backspace as an option to delete entities. Good idea; I’ve run into that before when I didn’t mean to (especially with web entities). The other hyperbole around that request (re: “unworkable ridiculousness”, “crazyness”, “social darwinism”) is not helpful.

re: david’s edit – it is great in desktop mode for certain things – i really like his handles. some of that we’d love to have in the main branch. but generally our edit.js is a bit more geared toward HMDs (not great yet, but it continues to evolve). Advanced features (copy paste, packing models, etc) that you want to backport into CAD edit.js will take time and work by someone.

re: ‘trashcan’ – you should be able to undo your last delete with CTRL-Z for now. some kind of trash list is doable; entities are just a list of properties. it would need some kind of UI/UX)

i’m happy to do quick features like this whenever i see them! or to merge such requests into master. please be nice about how you frame your requests; i know that i’m working hard, and so is the rest of the team.

re: VR editors. have you tried the Unreal or Unity in-world VR editors? what should we take from there that you like? what do we do well compared to them? where could we improve?


James, there are several documented cases where you have used slow no techniques where usually you suggest people go write their own code only because it seems you do not want to do something. I am urging you to listen to your early adoptees to the issues at hand. Or don’t listen and get ready to get nailed come November when this all opens up to a much larger and rather judgmental audience. Your choice.

I am not the only person who is finding HF not ready for prime time. It is claimed to be a beta product and it is far from that. The social Darwinism I mentioned is not the 19th century Spencer theory but the more modern usage in technology and software development where groups are pitted against each other in a zero sum game to derive some tech/software. I do find that offensive and I do not like it when HF devs espouse that philosophy.

Be kind? I ask you to do the same.



There has been a bit of back and forth in this thread that got too personal. Some of it has been removed.

We’re lucky to have only a very rare need for enforcement of the forum guidelines, because community members very rarely cross the line. Let’s keep it that way. Be cool to each other, and all will be well.