Removing old RayPick and LaserPointers JS API's. Use Picks and Pointers instead


There were two deprecated JS API’s called RayPick and LaserPointers which we will be removing soon. For anyone currently using them we recommend a switch to the supported API’s: Picks and [Pointers]((

I realize there is no online documentation for Pointers as I write this, but I linked to it already because I will try to update that documentation today. It is already documented in the C++ implementation comments.

Is anyone using the deprecated API’s or have a problem with this? Porting over to the new API’s is relatively straightforward. For example:

RayPick.getPrevRayPickResult(pickID) --> Picks.getPrevPickResult(pickID)
RayPick.removeRayPick(pickID) --> Picks.removePick(pickID)


Oh great, I have to update majority of my scripts again.

Why the change? Raypicks sorta made sense, since isnt Raycasting the actual terminology?

Why add another terminology to the already growing terminology list of anyone jumping from a game engine? (Raycasts (Unity/Godot/tree.js) vs LineTraces (Unreal))… Why not use just Raycast instead of arbitary term?

Picks.createPick takes the type of object to intercept with, and source and direction of the raycast. It even uses the RayCast class to do the Raycast. I’d think Raycast.createRay makes more sense and is in line with other engines.

Picks make me think of Mining or Locks Picks or a mispelled Pictures, or picking something up, which ofcourse the grab script does. But thats restrained and can cause confusion ‘is this a custom class or is this an actual utility one’

Shouldnt the Terminologies used be descriptive and not off the head something unique when it does the same thing? Anything different is just another hurdle for adoption.

Pointers… the link does not work


False alarm. We’ll keep these API’s.

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