Render weirdness on Surface Pro 3, Win 10


The last few versions of Interface have a very odd problem when rendering specifically on a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 with Windows 10. Please see attached image. Happens on latest build 3795 but has with previous versions as well. Moving the mouse causes the mouse pointer to distort graphically. I’ve been unable to get beyond this screen.


Same thing surface pro 2


This is an old problem reported over four months ago. It affects all Intel integrated graphics chips: HD4000, 4400, 5500, etc.


I would imagine getting hifi working on anything less than the minimum specs for the rift isn’t much of a priority so I’m not holding my breath that this will ever be fixed. shame tho sl works great on it


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True! Though it ought to exit gracefully and inform the user. I’m just trying to run interface for development purposes when I’m not on my monster PC. There’s so many systems running Intel integrated graphics, it’s likely that HiFi will encounter a lot of casual first timers on these machines… perhaps even the majority of inquisitive first time visitors… could make for a bumpy first impression.


New users cant ask for help - no chat, the default scripts don’t always load so u cant find anything and the level of details settings cull everything but the stars.If they don’t find the forum their screwed, the irc chat that the viewer pointss at has about 3 sentences a week in isn’t much use and the alpha meetings happen when America is at work which is good for me but not much use for them

I think we have all banged on about this stuff till were blue in the face
its not rocket science its Maslow’s hierarchy of needs .
Its not set up to help or engage people.
It annoys the shit out of the remaining alphas cos we really want this to work