Rendering and Performance


Hey Highfidelity team!

I’ve decided to open the thread to satisfy my curiosity and concerns namely to visualization and performance optimization. It’s clear that you’re focusing over virtual reality experience, which is the future of one really huge industry. However, that brings the questions about the technologies you’re prepared to use.

The hardware requirements of VR are really bulky at the moment and achieving around 90fps at 1440p and more of resolution suitable for Virtual reality will be really challenging in open world environment. Even for SecondLife it was an obstacle so in VR, I guess it will be even more harder to workout.

So the question is… How you plan to handle it?

From perspective of developer everything seems really awesome! The idea is great! The mechanics seems to be great, but the only concern is the brute performance that will be required to achieve acceptable look of the environment without expecting the average user having a beast machine at home.




It’s a great question. It will be extremely challenging to meet the framerates and resolutions that deeply immersive VR demands. We will continue to optimize for these requirements, and then optimize more. We are designing for the future – the additional computing power we will have in just a year from now is non-trivial. What you see now is an Alpha – it is very early testing on our part – we’ve only been in R&D for about 2 years.

Follow our blog for the latest news, we’ll have better answers as time goes on!



Thanks for the reply! These words of confidence really made my day!

And yup! 2016 seems really exciting year with Skylake 14/10nm and Pascal 16nmFF+ All these combined with technologies like DX12 would probably make all the difference in the world!

Good luck! I’ll be following the blog with excitement!


I think the mobile market would be the best platform we see less and less desktops being used and more people looking at their phones. I plan to snag a Samsung Gear VR I feel the future will depend on smart displays rather than processing power of a pc. The network being built could easily decode and stream to a OLED based visor device with future compression standards. The Gear VR and Oculus are dinosaurs look at how big they are… In 20 years we will have more fashionable eyewear with digital displays that can stream HIFI real time perhaps even pico project objects and offer built in hand motion tracking for on the fly digital edits. Things tend to get smaller like a cell phone from then compared to what we have today. I am thinking we will be wearing our gaming pc’s in 20 years.