Rendering Issues


I’ve recently been unable to render content correctly on my PC.
Almost all content is blacked out.

The image shows that content is able render aspects of the frame buffer independently, but not as a whole.
This works for normal & other channels along with albedo.

I have just updated my graphics drivers (thought it was set to auto-update…), but that has not helped.
This is with an AMD R9 card, if anyone else has an AMD card to test that would help me narrow down the issue.


I’ll jump in with a HD 7950 testing machine right now…


The windmill was black until the textures finished loading, but I’m N.Ame based with an extreme fiber connection.


I just tried builds 4761 and 4762 and they both looked fine.
I am using an AMD R9 390 Series, with 16.4.1.

Is this happening regularly? Could you get logs for it?


I upgraded to the 16.4.1 beta driver package and that has resolved the issue. The release version was 16.3.2.
Thanks for the help. Performance & quality also seems much improved, bonus. :heart_eyes: