Replacement for metavoxels


I was told yesterday in the Gitter chat that the metavoxel system was recently removed from the code, which is confirmed by this thread. To be honest, I think this isn’t a bad move in and of itself, since having two voxel systems seemed redundant and unoptimized to me. I am however worried about the possibilities they allowed being removed with them, and wanted to start a discussion about this.

One of the first things I loved about HighFidelity when I discovered it was the potential ability to create objects with smooth surfaces out of voxels. Which means terrains that people can dig through or construct (like Minecraft but not blocky), while I also hoped the system will eventually allow sculpting mesh quality objects out of voxels directly in-world. This and other potential features won’t be possible without a system similar to metavoxels.

My personal suggestion to re-implementing this would be through normal voxels. From what I’m seeing, the existing voxels can be cubes, spheres, or meshes… this would involve adding a new type called meta. When used, a smooth surface is generated between neighboring voxels, hopefully yielding in a similar effect. The marching cubes algorithm is a professional formula designed specifically for this purpose, so it might be worth considering here as well.

Is anything planned so far, and do we know when and how smooth voxels will return? What are your own thoughts, and how do you think this should be reimplemented?


Same here. A voxel world was (IIRC, it’s been a long while) was a major attractor for me.



I am for voxel also, you can count on me.


I must say: I have rarely seen a project where me and the developers think so alike, as it seems to be the case with High Fidelity and its approaches. Apparently a new voxel system has recently been implemented, and it uses exactly what I hoped for: Marching cubes. The new system was also reworked to support “chunks” apparently, which is another great and very useful feature! So this thread is now solved from my perspective.


As a side note its still a work in progress and they recently broke so they are working on them at somepoint, but that seems to be the direction they are going for with them.