Request for domain-server function


@b - Any chance we could have a command line option on domain-server to specify location of resources directory?

We really need that to move forward with doing a proper install package for Linux. I currently have domain-server and assignment-client running under Ubuntu 16.04 with QT5.6.0. I’ll have to do a PR for 3 files that fail to compile under GCC5.3 (someone forgot to add a namespace::isnan). I could probably figure out how to add command line parsing and logic to domain-server, but, it would be a wasted effort if it’s not something that would be acceptable to merge in, and will probably take me 10x time of someone competent in QT/C++.

If I’m allowed to place resources somewhere “sane” I could likely whip up a debian package in no time for server binaries on 14.04,15.10 (soon to be EOL tho) and 16.04 (on the verge of release day).


I like the idea of a debian package as well as making the resources directory configurable.

But why not install into a subfolder under /opt – so that everything can remain intact?

(as a reference point note that Chrome’s unstable and beta .debs also install into /opt)


Yes - I plan to use /opt as HF will require libraries that won’t mix well outside /opt - QT5.6.0 is likely going to be required sooner than one might imagine. It’s not a deal breaker that the resources folder for domain-server (currently) has to be in same directory as domain-server executable, it would just be cleaner for organizing and writing startup scripts for running AC/DS as a service if that were not so.