Request: Please start locking threads that havent had any activity for longer than 6 months


Please start locking threads that havent had any activity for longer than 6 months

I am tired of seeing old legacy threads that have no activity for eons getting necroed.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Blame @Jess for it. If catergory get changed the pop-up.
ALso when to recycle and when to make a new thread.

In the past we did not make enough new ones and now we make not enough. :confused:

But, some locking would not a bad idea.


The major necroing that happened this week was because I categorized all of the uncategorized threads, so you shouldn’t see it happen on such a massive scale again. Sorry for the bother there.

That said, there is a Discourse setting that would allow autolocking of old threads. I’ll look into it.

UPDATE: I’ve changed it so that anyone necroing a thread older than 30 days will get a popup asking if they really want to do that. If we see a pattern of thread necroing from multiple users in the future, I’ll take more draconian measures. However, since the necroing really was just me this time, I don’t think the situation warrants everyone else getting penalized for my own bad behavior. :slight_smile:


It depends if the title is top of search for a relevant question. Eg blender avatar trouble can be relevant but the older threads answer cured problems


It happened again. A thread from 10 months back with a information post I cannot edit was resurrected from the dead and has incorrect information.
@Jess the warning is probably not working or sufficient enough. Id be fine it is a warning for 30 days, and simply not allow after 6 months.


Can you link to the thread that got necro’d, please? I’m not seeing it.




What makes it easy to land on ancient threads is the suggested topics helper. It seems to be keen on dredging up old related threads.


Yeah, related topics definitely shouldnt display anything older than 3 months if they havent been active threads.


Part of the problem is that there is a low forum volume, and thus not many threads from which Discourse’s algorithm can pick. It just barfs up whatever it can find. I’m limiting the number of suggestions it provides to three (down from five). We’re still going to be seeing it suggest stuff from 2015 until volume increases.


I moved your post, plus subsequent replies, into a shiny new thread in the same category. :slight_smile:


This happens so infrequently that for now, I’m not going to take the drastic action of issuing a blanket hard close across all categories.

For now, if you see a thread necro, please use the flag feature to flag the post, and I’ll moderate as needed. We can re-evaluate when the volume increases.

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Gonna necro my own post because it seems to be a popular thing that keeps on happening :wink: sure its infrequent but it seriously starts to get annoying. Old threads should remain buried since most information in them are no longer relevant, like with dead links or others, if they are not constantly being maintained, like the blender thread or the plugin thread.

Had this happen to a number of threads.


bumped into the same problem today with my door script. it’s from 2016. so somewhere between 6 and 12 months sound good to close a thread.

You can always link in the new one to the old one.


Please flag the offending necro posts, and I’ll lock those threads down and remind folks not to necro. Current volume does not yet merit a full scale, jack-booted-thug-like onslaught of Closing All the Threads. :slight_smile:


I’ve had a thread I started here go information-stale, and Jess was happy to kill it for me in the interests of keeping the infosphere up-to-date.

I tend to try to do that across the whole of the tiny bit of the internet that I created, since not much drives me more nuts than wading through pages of obviously-out-of-date content to find a solution for something!