Request to edit purchased Place Name (Just capitalising first letter!)



I need a bit of assistance if I may for making a minor alteration to a place name I have purchased. This was the first one I purchased, and I made the minor error of not capitalising the first character, meaning it’s all in lowercase which simply wont do!

Is there Anyone on the dev team that could just swap the first character to an uppercase character? lol

The placename is ‘culture’ when it should be ‘Culture’ :blush:

Thank you guys!


Culture in high fidelity? Pearls before swine…


Ahhh hah… Culture is a venue name to a virtual club that specialises in live-performing DJs (Dance) from around the world that I run in SL, and wish to port over to HiFi when the time is right.




Sounds cool, you should chat to @KevinMThomas hes leading the push to get music working in world


Traditionally I would have thought the route of have a ShoutCast/IceCast server operating which gets streamed directly to all those in-venue would work? (Presuming such a feature to stream audio in-world will be implemented)


Shoutcast is an option, but the default voice in hifi is 16 bit 48 so higher than cd quality so were also trying to think outside of the box.
My own thought is that shoutcasting with sam or winamp its kinda complicated id love a solution that anyone could use and use legally. My first thought was if we could play music already hosted online from maybe youtube or spotify and people in world would hear it synchronized. @KevinMThomas has been messing with the domain audio settings which are kinda interesting in that u can in essence set up locations to act as microphones so you can be heard domain wide from specific locations , kinda like in an amphitheater.


Let’s create a new thread for this to not digress too much from the original point ^ ^


This something for @chris to answere i think.


It is my understanding that place names cannot be changed once purchased. Unless someone at HiFi is holding out on capability so as to not start an avalanche of requests for name changes, then the only option is to buy a new placename with the correct title. It is only $20, and you can let the first one you registered simply elapse.


Sadly I tried to do that, however because Culture and culture are considered the same by the process to check for duplicate names it wont allow me to do that.


Oh, that is really a pity, Micah. Then, hopefully, HiFi can do something to help you.
Although, culture (while not as good as Culture) still establishes a presence for your known club in HiFi, so not all is lost!

I had to repurchase to remove hyphens from my original name, but had no problem doing that.


It’s more a testament to my OCD… Having purchased a few domain names, each of the additionals have a capitalised first letter, and there lies ‘culture’…

Not to mention, it does look a lot more professional having it case correct.


Yes, I understand. It would bother me enormously too. And I don’t have OCD!


@Micah both hifi://Culture and hifi://culture both work. The system is not case sensitive.


Well, that is a relief, @chris!

Will it show up on the places list as ‘culture’ though If I were to open it to the public?


Micah, when you post your place to the public lobby, you do so with an image, so the name CULTURE can be as large as you wish it to be!