Rescale entity , is not updated realtime. Need TP to other domain for updating


There’s a problem in edit mode with entities.
When you load entity inworld, in this case a road it looks fine.

Now we want to make the road longer by clicking the on one of the resize points left or right.

Normally you look to the road, but that is not scaling or not doing what you expect. Ignore the road and only look to the red lines. that is the new real scale. Problem is to get the object updated you need to TP to other domain and back.

  1. Load object
  2. Scale it
  3. See the wrong size of the object.
  4. Teleport to other domain and back
  5. you see the right scale

One strange note, it seems only to happen with my road !


I saw the same thing editing a plane


can you give me a link to that road



perfect. I repro’ed it.