Reset position of grabbed entities like on welcome domain


I’ve noticed, that grabbed and moved entities of the welcome-domain are get reset to their original position after some time. I wonder, if it’s a how-to somewhere and scripts are available, to use this on an own domain? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Mr. Resetti - Law and Order

Maybe this can help:

It’s a AC script (running on server) that wipe and create cubes on a domain.


The “Welcome” domain or now “Workshop” domain and the various domains on the Welcome Route are all running an Assignment client that simply every 2 hours removes all non-locked objects and then executes various scripts to rez non-locked objects back in to “restore” states.

I suggest referring to how the the cleanup script on ones local sandbox runs:

Specifically look at Line 268, findAndDeleteHomeEntities function in it, as this deletes all unlocked entities within 1000 m radius of the delete source (can be simply changed to Number.MAX_VALUE to be the entire domain)

After its done with the clean up, the script simply recreates everything


Thanks @Alezia.Kurdis and @Menithal :hugs: thant’s what I was looking for Menthial - thank you very much!