[Resolved] Hydra Base Is My Head?


In the past, I was goofing with my recently acquired Razer Hydra and all was well. I kept my base on my desk and was able to goof around in the world without any major issues.

After a recent update about a week ago, the hands seemed to treat the base as my head instead of where the unit would normally be (on my desk). After balancing the base on my head as a hat, I was able to confirm that something was changed that did treat the base as the new head point.

My one question is if this will be kept as is? Since the Hydra’s base isn’t exactly light and it wasn’t intended to be worn, I’m not sure why the older desk method can’t be used or at least made as an option. I’d offer to look into the matter myself, but since I haven’t kept myself too updated with the code, I would need time to even know where to look.


I looked through the code and realized the calibration Seth Alves was talking about in IRC. When I was thinking “Calibration” I thought it was referring to the calibration in Motion Creator. For anyone else who is having a problem, you have to put your arms out to the side, press and hold the top bumper of each controller for a second, then release. You should then notice your arms move properly at the right height level.