Resource to describe optimal flow from makehuman to highfidelity?



I’m trying to figure out how to get my avatars out of makehuman and into high fidelity. I have the MXH2 plugin installed in both locations and working fine, and I have @Menithal 's blender plugin installed but can’t figure out quite the right flow. I’ve also followed the flow on this page without success (none of the bones are mapped when I try to import the FBX into high fidelity package). Creating and rigging an avatar with Blendshapes in Makehuman

If I press the ‘make human’ button in the blender plugin I get an error "Attribute Error ‘nonetype’ object has no attribute ‘head’ which calls in the ‘correct_bone_positions’ function.

I note that the avatar doesn’t come into blender in T-pose so there maybe something wrong with my makehuman export or the way I’ve rigged the avatar in makehuman.

Is there a canonical description of how to do this somewhere?



Did you follow the steps detailed here? HiFi MakeHuman instructions


I had not, but I was able to get things working by following those instructions. I did have a minor issue which might be worth adding to the documentation, which was that after importing (via the blender addon) my hands were giant and I couldn’t move. I was able to fix this by editing the fst file to set scale = 0.01. It might be because I selected decimeters rather than centimeters during the export from makehuman, or it might be something else.

Before figuring out the fixscale adjustment I also shrunk all the texture files as I thought it might be that first. That might have been required to fix, I’ll test in a future update.

One issue remains which is that the mouth doesn’t seem to be responding when I talk, but I’m going to look into that now.

thanks for your help!


Thats great that you got it working. MakeHuman is pretty cool. I guess you could customize the mesh in zbrush easily and still get it to work?

Eager to see if you get the mouth to Lipsync properly, I hope so! Good Luck!


The first thing to check is that the blendshapes were added to the fst file correctly. Add the ones listed at the bottom of the instructions I posted.

If those are there in the fst file, then the next thing to check is whether “Face Shapes” was checked during the import of the mhx2 file into blender.


Thank you, it’s working now. I’d missed the ‘faceshapes’ checkbox!