Restore domain to a different server


Hi, I need to transfer my content to another server, can I backup my domain and then restore it into another domain on a different server somehow? I can’t find any info on this topic. not possible?



You can transfer the ATP and the Entity files from your current server to your new one by just packaging the assignment-client folder, and overriding the one on the new server.

You can find them on Windows at

%APPDATA%\High Fidelity\assignment-client

%APPDATA%\High Fidelity\assignment-client\entities

The entites folder contains the entity locations/scaling/properties of the domain. It also has the hourly,weekly,monthly and yearly backups that your domain with eventually gather.

%APPDATA%\High Fidelity\assignment-client\assets

The Assets folder contains all the Assets your upload to the ATP server. This is all the models/assets you have locally on the domain.

Hopefully that helps :slight_smile:


thank you for your help, appreciated.