Restoring Original Sandbox Entities


Hey guys, curious if there is a way to restore the original sandbox entities (The house). Through all the fun and play I removed them but can’t seem to find a script that called them all into existence in the first place.

Update to 6928 - Sandbox fails to Start Server

Yes there is , um you need to delete somthing

I think its all the stuff in the c users yourname appdata roaming assignment client folder.
I think when u reinstall the sandbox it downloads it all again

make a back up of said folder tho incase i’m an idiot


Looks like that kicked it back off, though I wonder if its specifically the domain folder that needs to be removed to cause this to happen. Will test later when I am not remotely testing.


Here is some info for the future.

In Windows, Entities in your sandbox are backed up under

%APPDATA%/High Fidelity/assignment-client/entities

If you ever want to reset the sandbox (legacy domain, and console) make sure to have a backup of the models.json.gz file if you wish to restore the original home. It however has an automatic backup system that can be configured to backup a version every X seconds and keep them for Y amount of time.

Default backup values go for 30 minutes 5x , every day for x7, every week x4, 12x month, so there should be backups all the way upto a year back.


I want to beable to name my backups then load them in from a complex menu system, so I can load them in on the fly


Yeah this stemmed mostly from the idea that “I am doing science, let me just delete all in the sandbox entities list and do my things, its easy to roll back to a default starting state right…” then I went to do it and was like… hmm not as easy as I thought. While malicious and accidental deletions is covered in the backup for sure, if I wanted to do a “factory reset” of the original sandbox look there would be a quick way to do said reset.


They should put a button on it to restore the original contents because I just spent like nine years trying to get it back and I still haven’t but who knows maybe when I reinstall now??


it didnt work :frowning: now i just have terrifying black nothingness :frowning: