'Restricted Access' toggle


We’ve added a toggle for ‘Restricted Access’ in your domain-server settings.

If the toggle is ON - whoever is in the Allowed Users list will be allowed into your domain. If there is nobody in that list then only you will be able to access the domain from your local machine.

If the toggle is OFF - all users will be allowed in.

I wrote some code to set the toggle to ON if you already had a list of allowed users, but we’ve noticed this morning that it didn’t do that for one of our domains.

If you had a domain that was locked off please go into your domain-server settings and make sure that ‘Restricted Access’ is set to ON.


The bug is that it doesn’t read the correct repaired setting the first time you start your servers. If you stop and start your servers again you should correctly have restricted access turned on.

I have just pushed a fix so if you get the updated domain-server and it sets the toggle to ON for you, you should see it ON in your domain-server settings.


Is there any plans for the opposite idea? (aka a ban list that will let in every but listed banned members?)


Yes, what @Foxxe said we need a black list more than a white list, ok I can see the uses of an allowed users list, but clearly a banned users list is equally important.

Can we have someone working on this please, it is a basic need really.


Definitely a useful feature to have - I’ll add it to my list of things.