Return of the unofficial community hangout


Starting this weekend I’d like to rehost a gathering of peeps again, similar to the format of what was I tried holding to a few years back and similar to Monday community meetings, except no other topics than just hangout / answer questions and solve any issues or pass on info from Friday meet up or to Monday meet up.

However the hangout time will be on a more, easier time zone for the European folks and those who are at work normally, but still reachable by East coast US.

Starting with GMT at 18:00 on Sundays @ Nexus or @ Maker depending on how many people pop by. Ends around an hour later but folks are free to stick about. Time can be adjusted, but this week it will be then. Please post preferred times in the thread so we can organize a better one for the next week.

It should also be something anyone can hold, more of a time to gather up folks :slight_smile: to a time and place.


Hey @Menithal, get it put on the calendar, and more people will find it. Great idea, glad the days are getting shorter :wink:


Now i only cannot visit on that time. :frowning_face:


Could I @Jess instead? :slight_smile:


Yeah also can’t make that time


@Richardus.Raymaker / @Judas
Well, you can keep holding onto it on later hours if you want :slight_smile: But ill keep it a weekly thing.

Or should I make it earlier? I cant go any later than that because I need my snooze


We need to know what others like as time and mabye adjust it. At least 18:00 is not a time for me to vist at this moment.

So, keep your plan. and ask around if people like the time or mabye there’s a betetr time for people.


Nice idea. Must say that 6PM GMT is a bit unconvenient for me as well. I normally have all my meetings in virtual worlds around 9.30PM Italian time, which is around GMT 7.30PM in Summer, and GMT 8.30PM in Winter if I’m not wrong. I like the idea of unofficial and informal hangout :slight_smile:


That’s about 11am PDT in California. Sounds good to me…


Around 21:00 dutch time is best for me


Unfortunately that’s too late for me and too near the usual time for usual meetings anyway.


i would go a lunch time kinda thing


So 2PM EDT… interesting. I’ll try to attend unless the time changes, in which I"ll try to upkeep based on the changes in time.


this weeks will stay as is, but next week could be a different time, perhaps earlier.


18:00 GMT can work for me.
After the lightbulb did turn on. That:s 20:00 here.

So if i do not get stuck in VR with elite.
I try to get one of this mondays.

ADD: hmm, mabye still not the correct time.
It’s better to use SLT time. that’s easy to convert


Might help if they listed things both in GMT and in SLT/PT in all the listings.


whats confusing is gmt is a hour off uk time so 1800 gmt is 19.00 in london @.@


Something like that. That’s wrong time for me. :frowning:
GMT confusing, converters on internet made it worse.

if it woukd say 18:00 UK time. then it make more sense.
Yup, am not a time genius :grin:


Unofficial Community Hangouts are great fun :smiley:
Looking forward to the next one!
Thanx so much for organizing this @Menithal :purple_heart::fox_face::sunglasses:


So sorry I missed it. I was watching my clock and got head deep in writing so I totally zoned out. Yes, looking forward to the next one.