Returning Back to webcam based recognition?


I am reaching out to see when the client is planning on returning the webcam recognition support? If it is discontinued can we get it completely removed from Interface as it may confuse people who are coming in without a VR HMD.


As far as I know the 2-D one has gone for now but there is new stuff coming out soon that will work with hf


Don’t hold out hope. It’s gone. If anything is ever replacing it as a standard built-in, no one has disclosed that or hinted at it.


Refresh my memory, what was webcam based recognition? Was that the system under which the position of your hands and fingers was being detected by way of a web-cam? Or of your facial expressions so that your av’s face could show the same expressions in real time? Or was this some sort of “Log into the system with your face-print” thing?


DDE, facial expressions where made with it in the past. not worked always perfect.


Also face shift did the same thing but more sophisticated


Richard is correct on what I mean, however as cameras are practically with every device today, it seems abandoning an entire interactive segment either needs to be done and removed from any sort of hint it exists in HF or we should look at the value add it has on HF. The triggering of this is if we expand the audience of people coming in, you are going to have a lot more than just VR headset people checking it out. Giving them back a interactive option that was shown off in the beginning would seem ideal. If this isn’t the focus and its exclusively either development user or VR user, then eliminate the technology options completely from the interface so that it avoids giving the perception that a feature exists that doesn’t or isn’t the focus of the service.


As I said they will be things coming out for the future big hint look on their Twitter


I very much agree with this, @Konshu. Unfortuately, the last time I brought this up, the cynical answer I got was: “You can write your own mods to interface and write your face tracking software or write code to adapt other face tracking systems. That is the beauty of opensource software, you can do whatever you want.”

And that long winded answer is basically known in the software industry as a “slow no”.


As long you have the knowledge for it !