Reverb has some serious problems


Not working and screams in my ear, I set up a zone, I set up a reverb setting and the result is just noise, LOUD noise.
Turning the DB wet level down to about 20 makes the noise a bit less but the reverb is badly set, it feeds back on itself in an endless loop which develops into a scream, when its not cracking up and distorting, it is a lot of things but what it is not, is reverb. The user should have feedback level controls as well as speed and wetmix, to avoid feedback runaway.

Has anyone else tried the reverb settings please, maybe chime in here with your results.
I dont really want to rub it in but this is the same problem I had 4 months ago when I tried to use reverb before.

Maybe my settings are bad but I dont know, pretty simple really, put in a time, put in a level save, go deaf.

WARNING, in my experience reverb produces ear piercing screams.

Lets put the Fi back into hifi.


Hi Adrian–Sorry you are having trouble there. You mention having the wet level at 20. Do you mean +20? Because you definitely don’t want to be above zero on wet level. Try -12 for starters and work up from there. By the time you get to -3, it should be extremely reverberant, but not the scream you’re experiencing.

Let us know if that solves your problem. And yes, once the feature is fully baked we can wrap some practical boundaries around the values to avoid aural torture.


HI @freddy Thank you for the response, yes this solves the problem. The reverb is working ok, this is great.

My mistake.
I am used to working with dry and wet scales from zero, with 100 being max.
100% gain for dry, and 100% saturation for wet, but it seems here you are using no reverb as some minus value.
We have no dry gain control so with a single fader I imagine its a ratio between wet and dry with zero being in the middle at 1:1.
Is that a close description? What are the current params to choose from? (min, max)
These settings need to be documented, and will be. I would be really pleased if you could share the specs with me so I can write it up.
I am doing the settings documentation and have set the audio aside for its own page, I should soon put in a job for audio settings, and any info or specs you could share would save me a lot of time in trials testing.

Thank you


That sounds not good, i expect 0 is doing nothing at all. and everything above zero make the setting stronger. Just how it works on most normal hardware.


Hi Adrian,

Thanks for helping to clarify. The existing implementation is admittedly pretty bare bones and really just a prototype to illustrate how spatial processing can enhance an experience. We expect at some point soon to swap out the current reverb algorithm for something more sophisticated and scalable, at which point we can look at doing a slicker implementation with greater parametric control over typical reverb parms like early reflection and damping, and add a few default reverb “scenes” to help people get started. In the meantime, if you have not already, check out the text on the reverb settings panel page for some idea of where to start. Hope that helps.