Review: Loveseat Gives an Innovative Look at Theatre in Virtual Reality

Loveseat (a show performed simultaneously at the Venice International Film Festival and on the social VR platform High Fidelity) gives us an innovative look at theatre in virtual reality. Here’s a review of the play:


The last time I was in HF, I went to Loveseat. Had trouble getting in, so one of the organizers gave me specific login credentials. I saw the play.
Today several days later, I tried to go to Fran’s salon and was denied access.
I logged out of my account and re logged in with no luck. Anybody reading this, can you please point me in the right direction to fix this. I can only go to the Spot. All other domains I cannot get into. Thanks. Carlos, user name xel_ha

Hi carlos, I’m not sure what is going on. All domains should be accesable. I heard from aitolda that you have to be logged into your account. Maybe your not and that could solve it?

sorry that happened to you. My domain is open to all, so that should not have happened. If it does again, just DM me, and I will try to check for you.

Thanks Fran…I will try again and let you know if I get in or not. Appreciate you reaching out. carlos