Richardus first "big" blender project


Ok, after some small projects with blender.

Thanks to great people in high fidelity i learned more in blender the last weeks then i every did with other virtual worlds and figure out how to walk around bugs, i now started my first big project.

Now i figured out the workflow for me with blender i started to make my first building. Right now am still working on the base floor, that i want to copy and modify for the other 2 floors i need on top. big part of this have already textures on it, but i don’t show them for now :wink:

The Stair is not finished, but i needed the right size for the other walls. this building is ofar possible scaled, but some things keep a bit guessing when you have nu blueprints. But also good to not have a blueprint. because then it can never be a copy of the orginal build and gives some custom touch.

Ok, well this is how far we are now. More images come at later time.


Looks good.
re blue prints if u can find a simple one its not a bad idea. then you can let the architect figure out how it all goes together and u can just focus on copying it


Look good.

As a tip, if doing building, try keeping / adjusting the grid size and using snap to grid. There also some really nice little measuring tools. See answers at this post :slight_smile:


It looks like this build start to end on creation from yself. and i started with the idea to recreate something. Mabye i like to make just new not existing things.

For scaling, sofar i have figured out a way that’s for now not working to bad. But it can better.


Ok, working for now on the next floor’s to stack on the base.
Learned more today. It really is important that you create a face with all sides available and selected. If you don’t do that you get a different lightning in blender. And pretty sure in high fidelity too. So i fixt that at a few parts.

It feels like it’s not a big home grin. but big enough for the first one. Yes i need to add one more room. Mabye i change a few things while building,


Ok, spend many hours today in fixing the stair railing (where to low) Add windows. changed a few walls to fit the windows. So this the status for now. only one floor extra and a roof. and then you still have some wrong aligned textures to fix.

I have pasted the verts. usage etc. in this picture. Think still pretty good.


Ok, got some time tonight and rest. so i did add the last floor and roof.


You’re doing great but eventually you’re going to have to face the horrors of UV Mapping, which is both a blessing and a curse. It’s a curse because it can be a right pain in the backside, but it’s a blessing because once you get your head around it, you can vastly reduce the number of faces you need.


Fortunately in Blender uv mapping is fairly straightforward.


It’s already all textured. no uv-mapping needed like piper say. that’s what hifi makes so much more easy to build for and SL/OS a drama. Already very low on faces too. The windows You cannot see everything good on the pictures.

Need to be something left to see :smile:


Mabye i redo or start a new project. and build it more in parts with UV mapping. That way i can use it in opensim too. But just idea’s


First V-HACD try. What i did is say in blender fill all holes. That made it at least possible to generate a collision shape. But right now it’s not looking very useable. At least it worked without any crash.

Where already afraid for it, but i need to make the collision shape manual by hand sofar i can see.


Hey @Richardus.Raymaker -

This looks pretty good. Keep up the awesome work.


Made my own custom collision shape like you do in SL and also in bledner like @Menithal told me. Only… i cannot go into the build, the doors are still solid. Not sure if am doing something wrong.

The parts are joined togheter before i made the obj file. but show it seperate here,



But sofar the right collisions is still a fail for me. Or hifi is doing something wrong. ?


You have to keep the door frames separate to keep everything convex, SL does this automatically, but hifi doesnt: Forexample if you split a door frame into following components (red lines is where is being split):

The rule of thumb is that if you pass a line at anybangle through the geometry, if it goes through more than 2 surfaces, it is not convex.


Thanks, i did that. But it seems to work a bit better. but not on all floors. More testing needed.

Add, there some small problems. but my physics shape works. Looks very happy :smile:
It’s nice to walk in your house. Side effect, mouselook is way to fast for me on my screen. it’s bumping against egtting sick when you look around.


Ok, pretty final result. Only now

I have a few faces that give a strange shadow in high fidelity.
Not sure how that apears, in the past i could fix it by changing how you fill a face. (selecting all edges) but mabye it’s just hifi bug that i could work around that way. Mabye   someone have idea.


With non organic objects, Try applying the edge split modifier before exporting the main model. HiFi seems to ignore the flat shader \ override with its own


Thanks, that helped for the inside problem. but the outside i see is just bad verticles. / doubles. it happens sometimes. going to correct that be redoing the face is most fix it.

My next build i want to put togheter in complete different way. think small,go big


Anyway, the building how it is now have this as result:

Not sure if it’s good or bad.