Rift SDK 1.0 Ships to Devs with CV1 Hardware!


I’ve made this into it’s own thread.

I doubt I could submit my HiFi domain to Oculus and get them on board with sending me a CV1.


I hope the christmas man puts one under the three :wink:



The rant and wall of text that follows does not reflect in anyway the views of High Fidelity / SecondLife / Team Oculus / HTC / Samsung / or any other 3rd party mentioned hereafter…

I have a few things I’d like to get off my chest…

A few things that have been slowly eating at me. When I first started to knock SecondLife (sometime back in the CaptainOculus days…) Judas was kind enough to pull me aside, and let me know that this place is full of SL Veterans and I might go pissing people off with my bad attitude. So why then is it ok for the SL-fluent to knock on the VR tech that will ultimately replace the “now”. Further, how do folks that have never tried VR seem to be experts about it?

This is not an outright attack; If you recognize a quote of yours I’ve pulled from a different post, then do feel welcomed to back up your point or stance. I just need clarification to set my mind at ease. I want to also address certain aspects of design decisions (or rather, my interpretation of intention when not my own) going forward.

You think the choice Mark Zuckerberg made to purchase Oculus for 2 BILLION USD was somehow based on a “failing technology no one wants”… really??? and therefore, if so, why the hell would HTC get on the bandwagon so quick to compete with Samsung if it was going to fail.

The way I think about it is more of a throw-back example. What VR has done for us as a human race is introduced an entirely NEW way to experience content. Think of it like this: (go back in time for the example and relate the following) Oculus and HTC are building the television at a time when all of us enjoy Radio. Everyone gets their news and updates and the like, from the daily program heard around the world. We love our Radio. Without Radio there might not be an efficient way to get our news. Be informed. Listen to programs that transport us to far off places. High Fidelity is creating the broadcasting software that will operate upon these new “televisions” created by Oculus and HTC. It is OUR responsibility as Alphas to create the first “television programs” that will be enjoyed by MILLIONS. I for one am willing to bet (really heavily) that this isn’t a fad like it was in the 1990’s. High Fidelity is doing the best they can to provide us with the best broadcasting software possible. Do them a favor and let them work on it. Too many of us are bitching about the damn radio; when we really need to get to work on our new “television” programs.

I’ve spent much time demonstrating the technology to those willing to see it. I’ve been lucky enough to stay at the forefront of the technology. In a few short months, advocates like me won’t have to convince anyone anymore.
The technology will simply compel the doubtful or unsure to finally believe. A “wow” moment occurs and it just “clicks” for them and they are never the same. Then something happens almost instantaneously. A smile builds on their face. I don’t have to solicit anything. I don’t speak, I don’t touch. It just magically forms.

I mentioned back in November I was working really hard on my domain. This is an inevitability of the ever-pressing VR launch dates. I consider it like a deadline. Although HiFi will only be approaching beta at time of launch; I very much want to get the Alphas on board with what I’m doing. @chris entered into my domain to take a few snapshots. The Victorian sailboat he saw was just a decoy. This is the largest scale project I have EVER undertaken. If you are an Alpha and need something to work on… join me.

I bring to you… the Alpha Quintessance. Boarding Q2 of 2016…

Physics Hull is currently at 96% complete. This thing exists IN HiFi and looks incredible. Best part? It’s LESS than a million verts… for real.

A small selection of offerings you find aboard:

• Live Shows - Boxing / Dance / Theater
• Presidential Suites
• ALPHA Retail Rental opportunities (suck it BETAS!) :smile:
• Dance Clubs
• Gymnasium
• Health Spa

If you think I’m over-promising and under delivering I challenge you to beat me to it…

The bottom line: ENTERTAINMENT IS KING is YOUR DOMAIN prepared to entertain the masses?


The point that I was making in my blog post.The general thought that its a little like Charlie brown and Lucy with the ball She holds the ball he runs to kick it and it gets pulled away.
Were on shifting sands. We can embark on a project and suddenly it all changes and pow all your efforts amount to nothing.
Its alpha its to be expected.
My point that if we had a clearer Idea of where our time was best focused we could help more and not waste time pissing in the wind I spent ages making avatars, you can see them all lined up around free All of them are broken now If we were told at the time this isn’t ready to develop for wouldn’t have bothered.
Imagine that we switch back to voxels or something new and your beautiful ship is suddenly incompatible You would be annoyed.This is happening time and time again with the alphas projects.Because we don’t have clear guidance to what we should be doing.
3D models to bake or not to bake, what maps will be supported.How can we go forward when we don’t know which way were facing.


It could happen; and yes, I’d be pretty ticked off. :smiley:

…and you were doing so long before I got here. I sank a chunk of time and money (as did others) working on “the architect” only to bail on that while the avatar standards solidifies. I’ll admit, I didn’t expect it to still be up in the air as it is… that is why I asked about HiFi’s pipeline. They use Faceshift to scan faces, and plop it onto a working skeleton, and call it a day. So I picked up a scanner for shits and giggles.
As @Menithal has said previously, “it creates almost as much work as it removes”

If avatar creation is not profitable, people won’t spend time working on it. I have chosen generalities to focus my efforts upon. Step 1 is creating the ship for the events to occur within/on. Fingers crossed that support for my ship stays in source. :smiley:




You look mad at me. I’m sorry your time was wasted. I went back and viewed all of the Random Pictures in the RPT, and saw all the voxel work, etc… it’s sad we don’t really know what to work on; but I’ve got a ton of work ahead of me and just hope that the hard problems get taken up by the folks getting paid to do this fulltime. :wink:


Lol not mad at you I thought your headscan looked like Spud from trainspotting :smiley:


Admittedly, my true 90 degree profile is not far from that character, besides the ears… I have pretty “average” ears. :smiley:
For what it’s worth, the scanner is pretty cool. Retopo is easy with helper program, and then performing a UV unwrap, yadda yadda blah… but I think this is how I plan to do avatars going forward. It’s just too damn fast to ignore.


My pleasure in your leisure


“Spud [****ed] up good 'an proper.”

I sometimes feel this way about how much time I sink into this venture. :smiley:


This exactly why I have been pressing for standards and interfaces to allow content creators to create modification tools, and avatars to work with those tools, so that an average user can customize the avatars to their liking, within the limit of the creator, without needing to create every single unique avatar from scratch: Long way of saying: this way an avatar base can be made into a unique avatar.

There is no “easy” way to create optimized, and fully rigged, and shapekeyed avatars. If there was, a whole lot of modellers would be out of a job.


Frankly, I am wanting full dive gear, so Oculus style HMDs and limb controllers is also a transitory stepping stone.