Rogue Object (guitar)


I cannot delete the guitar object. I have tried removing everything from my parcel and then trying to delete the guitar, it will not let me.

Please advise.

Parcel 58


Will try to login and come find a guitar… I wonder if the item is locked.


kdog I see you speaking to me but I cannot hear you. I do not have my audio settings set up yet.


Yup. It’s simply locked, is all. Following with a screenshot.

…so you should be able to just unlock it, then delete it.


EDIT THREE: I just loaded the local chat. Thanks again, I am freshly new here so I am just learning the program! I have a lot to learn! :wink:

EDIT TWO: Yes, I have been here about an hour so Ive not had time to get the audio set up. I did find the settings in edit. Perhaps those tabs could be moved to the top of the tools bar in a future upgrade? Again, I thank you kindly for your time!

EDIT: Found it, the tools bar went beyond my screen and I could not see the object properties tab at the bottom. TY kindly KDogg!

I do not know where to find that screen. For soem reason it does not show under tools. Also, this is my third post in this thread so I will have to reedit it to respond.


OK, so get your audio set up. HiFi is kinda worthless if you don’t have audio.

You’ll need to make sure you have all the default scripts running. I won’t bother telling you how to do that, the answer is already in this forum a bajillion times. OK, four. Surely at least four.

Then, on the right edge of your screen, there should be an “edit” button. Click it.

Then, click on the guitar.

Then, click on properties at the bottom of the grey dialog that pops up.


Wheeee! Happy to help.

If you can’t reasonably quickly get audio setup. Click the Marketplace button, then look in there for Scripts, and get “Local Chat”. That’s the most likely other (aside from voice chat) way that people will communicate with you in-metaverse.