Rotated model entity bug


This has happened twice now in the last few days. When I first logon or maybe enter the domain I see one .fbx model of some water, rotated 90 degrees so the top of it is facing me. Snapshot looks like this:

But the original, as placed view looks like this:

If I move to a different domain and come back, it reverts back to the correct rotation in snapshot #2.

Not sure if this is just an issue with me or with that particular model or what, and I don’t really care because I was going to delete it, as it was just a test of a blender thing. I just hope other stuff doesn’t start rotating too.


I have seen that happen on earth with one of the lot’s grass terrain tile, spun up to 90 degrees, I fixed it but it did the same thing the next day so I deleted it and replaced it and havent seen the issue since, this was weeks ago.

I have no idea why it happened, but it was only one object, I might have spun it 90 degrees on the Y axis but thats all I did to it I never spun it on the X or Z axes.


Just adding this as a final post here.

I noticed that this object was one that I had been testing .fbx animations with. It did not work correctly. Once I removed the .fbx animation URL the problem went away.

I am not sure what the orientation of it was when it was first uploaded but it makes sense that if I rotated it after uploading, the correct behavior might be rotated… so… never mind… another not really a bug bug.