Rough terrain shadows


Although it looks different in the blender and the FBX viewer, terrain shadows are displayed very roughly in hifi. In blender and the FBX viewer the transitions are softer.

I tried it with following settings in blender, but it does not change.
material->shading->cubic interpolation
textures->blend: from Mix to Multiply

Can you improve the appearance somehow? Or can the Hifi render not better that at the moment?


@JuelsDrekiI am unable to see my SkyBox at the moment did the code change?



Richardus was faster. :wink:
Yes I know. My skybox shader is not to see too.


any luck yet with it back?


One word suggestion to shader developers in HF: sigmoids.


The Link to your shader works, and the source code has not changed. My skybox shader works again. So this should be no different with your.


Do you thinking at a contrast setting with a sigmoid function? Like here:


Hi @JuelsDreki it still does not work. This is what i have currently am i missing something? Perhaps I am missing something?




Will look at that when I’m home from holiday in a week and not on $10/GB hotspot.


The calls for my shaders are:
“ProceduralEntity”: {

or (not the night version):
    “ProceduralEntity”:  {

But you use a shader from Alpha​VersionD. He can tell you certainly, why his shader is not working. :wink:

look here:


All right, I’ll wait. Have a great holiday yet. :slight_smile:


I just tried:

"ProceduralEntity": {

in my user data of my zone and it is not working? I selected skybox as well.


It could be a bug. My skybox shader works only, if a skybox texture is specified too in the field “Skybox URL” (red mark).

Here my skybox settings:

The skybox texture:


Yes, that’s an old bug. You must have a sky texture, but then it can be something as simple as a white texture. Then, the shaders can be adjusted…


what about the day one with the ocean?


ahh! oh ok I see now. I had a missing ; working now thanks!