Run discord in tablet app?


Just thinking, to fix the really needed PM and group chat. Discord could be option. It’s simple and ready to run. And is doing most of it, except the needed normal text chat.

But can tablet run websites ?

Can discord run in table ?

Is the tablet not to small for discord. because we cannot rotate it to a beter 16:9 view.

Just some questions.


We already have a Discord tablet app on the marketplace. :slight_smile:


Oh cool. Never thinked about looking there.
Found it to, but i need to login before i can buy it.


Back on my old ‘Tablet Browser’ app, you could easily load up Discord along with a few others. It didn’t fully work, but I think I had Skype kinda working as well, just you couldn’t do phone calls because Microsoft thought it’d be a great idea to require their own plugin.