Run through of creating AI, running Assignment Clients and cameras



Also here are the .js files that I used.




@chris I tried running this but it didn’t work. The bot JS is different than the one you used in the video. Is there a new workflow for this? Thanks!


Hi @KevinMThomas did you make sure you were at the origin? Also is your console showing any errors?


Hi @Chris. Yes I was at the origin and there were no issues in the console. The not script was very different than the one used in your video. Perhaps we can get a copy of your original as the link in this post has different models.


Excellent tutorial Chris, it really helped me. May I ask a few noob questions? The script for the AI, would that stay server-side or is it downloaded to the interface? If we wished to keep a script server-side only is there such a thing? Also, if the script went out to someone else’s server, can the host see the script content? Just wondering. Thanks again.


@VR_Architect the script is running server side. Yes you can scripts from the server. Check this: