Runaway Assignment Clients


So I just finished compiling Hifi on the Pi again, and suddenly I noticed an odd trend where the main assignments on the domain server would just stop working. I looked at the logs and it seems to be complaining about “error while loading shared libraries:” Okay… so I copy it over (weird, didn’t have to do this before) to where the executables are and run again. I notice it is still happening but…

I am certain that I only asked for 4 assignment clients… not an army! I am launching the assignment-clients via “./assignment-client -n 4”

I will compile the CentOS version in a bit to see if this is happening there as well, but I am at a loss at what is causing this.


I just built it on a normal system running Ubuntu 14.04.3 (32-bit), built using Qt5.4.2. Build process went okay with some errors, but it seems that the issue persists on at least Ubuntu systems, where the assignment clients eventually stop their tasks and remained queued forever. What I did notice is that new assignments are made per reset per assignment-client.

I will post the build and operation logs after I get them off the server while I go ahead and proceed with the CentOS build to see if this effects Linux environments.